Complete Guidelines of Aliexpress 11:11 Sales

Aliexpress 11:11 Sales 2020

Aliexpress is a globally recognized e-commerce giant, they deliver items from china to anywhere in the world with a free shipping facility and paid delivery system.

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1. What is Aliexpress 11:11 sales?

Aliexpress offers huge discounts on their items on 11 november every year.  It is known as the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival, Singles’ Day, Double 11, or 11.11 sale.

2. How long does Aliexpress 11/11 sales last?
Ali expresses 11 November sales last for 2 days. You can enjoy 2 days of coupons, deals from top sellers like Xiaomi, beasus, etc.

3. Is Aliexpress safe to buy?
Yes, but there are also bad sellers. You can ask for a refund if you anything wrong. Aliexpress strictly maintains the customer’s value.

4. Why Aliexpress is cheap than other e-commerce site?
Because, Aliexpress sellers mostly have industry or direct conection with manufacturers. Thats why they can offer items on a cheap price.

5. When does Aliexpress most waiting 11:11 sales start?
Literally, Aliexpreas sales start at 11 November and lasts 2 days. But main party starts before 11 /11.

6. What is the best Aliexpress singles day offers?
There are many offers available. You have to find which one you want. You can also check the site to find leaked items Aliexpress 11/11 sales